Craig The Barber

Over the past ten years, I have enjoyed being a part of helping men look their best. I have learned along the way what works and what doesn’t for all men, no matter their ethnic background. From finding a new hair style, to shaping a new beard, or finding the product that best achieves “that look,” I have experience with it all. Also, many times over I have found myself resolving shaving issues for my clients, through re-educating them on the right way to shave, or helping them hone in on the right products to use.
— Craig The Barber

Craig’s belief that being a well-groomed man does not mean going overboard and that any guy can take charge of his style and appearance with the right guidance. He was able to realize that dream by bringing his expertise to a wider audience on the web where his readers can learn all the things they wanted to know but were afraid to ask. With topics ranging from the proper way to apply cologne to razor bumps to pesky nose hair, is the one destination that has it all. The approach is “for men, by men” and was an immediate success as its no-frills approach resonated with readers and advertisers alike.

With daily blogs and ongoing videos, The Men’s Room introduced Craig to a whole new audience. He began receiving emails and calls on a daily basis from existing barbers, barbers-in-training and men who wanted to know and learn more. And as his reputation grew his calendar became even more busy as Craig continued to spread the word about men’s grooming.

Craig has served as the spokesperson for two global brands, Lab Series by Estee Lauder and Philips Norelco, he creates, produces and hosts exclusive how-to videos for eHow™ Style, he is a contributing educator to the Paul Mitchell Schools and he has flown around the world to consult with corporations and host consumer events.


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